adidas X 15.3 Kids TF Leather - Bold Orange/Core Black/Solar Orange

The new X 15.3 Kids TF Leather football boot from adidas is designed to break down order and cause chaos in the opposition’s final third on turf.


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The new Orange X15 from adidas brings a bold burst of colour to proceedings. Combining darker and lighter shades on the upper and X-CAGE respectively, the two-tone look of the new X15 draws even greater attention to your feet as you cause chaos on the pitch.

The way football is played is changing. As science and analysis take hold, every action of every player is under the microscope. Players are expected to fulfil increasingly specific roles on the pitch in order to help their team win the game. That’s why adidas has developed a whole new range of boots to suit different types of players. It’s a football revolution and it’s time to choose your style.

You can’t plan against chaos – those unexpected moments of brilliance that break the game. After all, if you don’t know what’s happening, how can you stop it? The X from adidas is a boot designed for risk takers: players that don’t know what it means to play safe. Players that will look chance in the eye and bet it all. Players like Gareth Bale and Thomas Müller.

Boasting super-soft leather for a lightweight fit, the X 15.3 Leather revels in the spotlight, while a specially-designed non-marking traction system gives you the platform for unpredictable movement on turf. Defenders won’t know what’s hit them.

Please note: To achieve that perfect fit, we recommend that you choose ½ size up from your normal shoe size.

Turf Trainer

  • 最短而且密集排布的橡膠大底,也就是人們俗稱的碎釘大底,對腳踝和膝蓋壓力小,適合各種場地的足球訓練和比賽。
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